An Interview with Joey Digangi of Artisons Painting and Remodeling

An article written for Illinois Homes

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Artisons Painting and Remodeling is 5 star rated and a family owned and operated, local company in Brookfield, IL specializing in Interior and Exterior, Residential and Commercial Painting and Remodeling. We value honesty and quality above all else. I started Artisons because I’m a fourth generation artisan and was tired of seeing good Americans being ripped off by crooked contractors. I am a minister and believe in treating my neighbor the way I want to be treated, with respect and honesty. The services we provide are painting, windows, doors, siding, drywall installation and repair, gutter cleaning, power washing, finish carpentry, remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, framing, demolition, house and commercial cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, interior design, roofing, plaster repair and electrical.

What’s one of the most important things you can do to properly prep walls and trim before painting?

Proper prep work before painting includes caulking all gaps, fill all nail holes with non-shrink spackle, patch all wall imperfections and sand smooth. Vacuum all surfaces and clean the walls and trim with a mild TSP substitute or neutral cleaner. Prime all patches and bare wood with a good quality primer. Be sure to use drop cloths to protect all floors and plastic and tape for walls and furniture.

Can you briefly talk about the different looks you can get with a faux finish? How does the price compare with a regular finish?

You can achieve any look with faux finish and new techniques keep emerging. I created a Tuscan plaster trowel finish and then applied a two-step color wash antiquing finish to give it 3D depth and an Old World feel. Faux finish can range in price to double the cost of painting alone.

Is ceiling and wall repair necessary in most cases? What are the basic steps involved?

For a professional finish all surfaces should be repaired. Durabond is good for plaster and a good oil primer to prep afterward. On plaster and drywall you should remove any loose debris, cut a V channel in the crack or cut a square in the hole on drywall. Use a vacuum to clean the dust or debris and apply mesh or paper tape and apply three coats of patching compound feathering the area each coat a few inches past the last one to 6 to 10″ past the original repair. Sand the whole area smooth and run your hand or a light parallel to the wall to fix any missed areas. Vacuum clean and prime.

What are some of the current interior painting trends for houses?

Earth tones are always popular and wallpaper is becoming popular in bathrooms and accent walls. Faux is making a comeback and semi-gloss white trim, crown and baseboard is always popular due to the ease of cleaning and fresh, neutral look.

Do you have any advice for choosing the right color for a particular room?

The rule of thumb is lighter colors open the space up and darker colors drop a room in. This is not always the case. Coordinate colors with floors, furniture and drapes. You can purchase a small tester of paint from any paint store for $3 and paint it on the walls to see if you like it before moving forward. Remember to paint two coats and in different parts of the house. Light will affect the color. Natural light has a true color, incandescent light will make it appear warmer or more of a yellow hue and florescent light will make it look colder or bluer.

What’s the best way for people to contact your company?

You can reach us anytime directly at (708) 785-2112 or visit us online at

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